Multi-Million Dollar Seller Reveals the Strategies and Tactics for Building a 7-Figure Amazon Empire
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Are you ready to change your life, invest in your future and make more money than ever before?
Freedom Ticket is the premiere course for Amazon Private Label Sellers. Kevin King dives deep on the topics that others simply gloss over and teaches you HOW to think for yourself (not just what's working today on Amazon) so you can succeed and grow your business well into the future. 
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Kevin Rizer 
Private Label Movment
Kevin has a big heart and is very willing to share. I want to caution you though: Kevin tends to over delivery in terms of value and information. It's like trying to drink from a fire hydrant rather than a garden hose. You may need to go back and listen again. ” 
Complete Package
Freedom Ticket was created as an interactive, over-the-shoulder walkthrough with the sole purpose of guiding you through the process of selling on Amazon

The complete package includes 8 weekly modules, 60 lessons, 21 hours of content, detailed written study notes, 30+ handouts and review slides. 
Amazon & Business Basics
Learn everything you need to know with getting started selling on Amazon. Kevin goes over everything from basic business requirements to how much money you need to start selling to a walkthrough of seller central.
Branding, Money & Millions
Learn the importance of branding and how money comes into play with selling on Amazon. This section covers cash flow, costs to selling, ppc and much more.
Picking a Successful Product
Learn the necessary steps to finding a successful product on Amazon.  
Suppliers, Orders, & Shipping
Find out where to source products, finding and handling suppliers, shipping problems and solutions.
How to Compete & Win Big
Learn how you can compete against other Amazon sellers by learning about brand registry, key ranking factors, how to get discovered on Amazon, and the key to making sales.
How to Create High Converting Listings
Learn how you can create the best listing for your product. This sections covers every crucial part of your listing and walks you through how to best optimize them to get the most traffic.
Ranking, Advertising & Promotions
Everything leads up to ranking your products and how you can do that with advertising. Learn how to increase traffic to your listing and how to launch your product to page 1.
Bringing it All Together
Long hands-on overview of everything covered so far and on finding a product to sell.
Bonus 1: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Black Box - Amazon Product Research
Bonus 2: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Magnet 2.0 - Amazon Keyword Aggregator
Bonus 3: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Cerebro - Reverse ASIN Lookup
Bonus 4: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Xray - Amazon Product Validator
Bonus 5a: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Frankenstein - Amazon Keyword Processor 
Bonus 5b: Free 3 months access to Helium 10's Scribbles - Amazon List Optimization
Bonus 6: $100 OFF every month on Helium 10's Diamond plan (includes 21+ tools)
Ultimate Selling Resources
BONUS 7: Get access to weekly Q&A calls for 13 weeks with me ($1,937 value)

BONUS 8: Get access to a private members-only Facebook group ($397 value)

BONUS 9-13:
5 Powerful Spreadsheets: Product Selection Test, Cashflow, Product Cost Analysis, Top 10k Ultimate Reviewers, Top 10K Best Selling Products on Amazon ($997 value)

BONUS 14: Get access to my personal bookmarks and contacts with over 1,000 resources ($297 value)
Plus ADVANCED bonus lessons!
Power of Frequently Bought Together Training
How to Make Sure Suppliers are Giving Best Price
How To Use Facebook and Amazon Together
How to Sell on eBay with Amazon Shipping
How to Get in to Magazines and on TV Shows
How to do Influencer Marketing
AND Discounted bonuses!
BONUS 21: $1,000 discount on a China sourcing trip

 FREE: The Million Dollar Seller's Guide & The Getting Started Selling on Amazon E-Book
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with Freedom Ticket and the results you see after implementing these proven money making strategies... 

Simply request a refund within 30 days of your purchase and I'll give you your money back.
Yes! I'm Ready to Change My Life!
* course is only available through digital format *
Stephen Peterson
Ecommerce Momentum
Kevin is a fast thinker. You're going to hear about 14 jewels you're going to have to go back and listen again. Every 3-4 minutes he drops another idea, and I really like that they all build on each other. You're gonna be like "whoa!” 
The Last Amazon FBA Course You Will Ever Need!
* course is only available through digital format *
By learning these strategies you’ll know more than 
99% of most active Amazon sellers today. That’s one HUGE advantage! (Just be sure to take action)
Freedom Ticket is an interactive immersion into the Amazon world. It was created to help new Amazon sellers jumpstart their business and work towards their goals with the hopes of living a prosperous life and therefore claiming their "Freedom Ticket" to success. 

The course is instructed by Kevin King, a 7-figure Amazon seller, in a classroom style setting unlike any other Amazon course out there. Learn in a different style as if you were making conversation. This is the ONLY course that walks you through exactly how to be hugely successful on Amazon.
* course is only available through digital format *
The 8 week course includes step-by-step tutorials to every process of selling on Amazon. Some things covered are basic business requirements, picking a successful product, finding and handling suppliers, creating high converting listings, advertising and much more. 

Freedom Ticket Includes 8 In-Depth Modules + Bonus Modules Covering THE ESSENTIALS of Selling on Amazon in Meticulous Detail from A - Z!
The best way to succeed in ANY business is to HAVE A MENTOR. If you're going to sell on Amazon why not have someone who has failed and succeeded show you the best and fastest way to get to the top.
Stop getting sucked into get rich quick on Amazon schemes. I'll show you the exact systems I use and some of my real products. Take a deep dive under the hood and really understand this business. I'll give you real examples you can immediately use on your own products. 
By the end of the course I want you to be certain that you have all the necessary information and resources you need to build your 7-Figure Amazon business. Are YOU ready to change your life? Do what you want, when you want, from where ever you want. Claim your Freedom Ticket and live the best life you could possibly live. 
"I feel like Kevin King is by my side literally 24/7" - Angie
"I was able to launch my product 3 months later that DOUBLED my revenue just in that 1 product" - Ian W.
"I paid money for other courses, but this course made me believe in the business all over again." - Anas A.
"Kevin is opposite of a guru, anti-guru... He's the real deal. - Chakra
Yes! I'm Ready to Change My Life!
* course is only available through digital format *
Ed Rosenberg
Kevin is a "walking encyclopedia of Amazon and Marketing." Kevin has an incredible ability to train people with strategies they have never heard of before. Kevin is one of the most sought after speakers in the Amazon Seller industry.